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Welcome to Abernathy Design.

The mission of Abernathy Design is to work with residential and commercial clients to create efficient, inspiring living and working environments.

Abernathy Design provides interior design expertise in translating your vision into concrete plans and streamlining your project from start to finish. Emphasis is placed on maximizing the highest return on your investment.

Our philosophy is that interior design should be affordable for all types of projects. From revitalizing a room to playing an essential role in the design and management of a large-scale renovation.

If you can relate to any of the following scenarios, then Abernathy Design can help.

  • Know what look you want, but not really sure how to make it a reality
  • Want to do some updating and ensure that you stay within your budget
  • Want to blend in new trends with existing decor
  • Want to create a long-term plan that allows for interim steps
  • Ready to build a new home or office or remodel an existing space and want to collaborate on the design
  • Need to downsize or create a more comfortable setting for an existing space

Services Available

  • Remodel design
  • Exterior design
  • New home design
  • Staging for better living
  • Staging for selling
  • Organization
  • Space Optimization
  • Lighting & Color Consultation
Contact Us to get started.